The Trashy Hootenanny

As 2014 quickly came to an end, we started thinking about how our original fans of Pete the Popcorn were getting older, growing up, craving new material for pleasure reading. So, we began working on our first chapter book. We started with one character, Bethany the Cockroach. Wouldn’t kids think a story about disgusting insects with very regal names was kinda funny? We sure hoped so.

Hootenanny Cover FINAL

Writing a 14,000-word chapter book was quite a different challenge than any of our other stories. So once we decided on our characters, we assigned each one a friend or relative that is in our life. That character took on the personality traits of that friend. It made the book funnier, more interesting… and easier to write!

Here are some of Megan’s preliminary sketches:

Ch1Pic1 Ch4Pic3 Ch7Pic4 Ch9Pic4

Parents write into us all the time, telling stories of catching their children laughing out loud while reading this book. Admittedly, we do, too.

Buy the book on Amazon!


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