First Celebrity Tweet!

Yes, I’m a nerd.

No, I’m not a Twitter addict.

However, I have been attempting to increase our presence on Twitter to sell more copies of Pete the Popcorn and also to increase awareness for our campaign for encouragement in schools!

On Friday, I tweeted to Kathy Ireland… all morning, she was tweeting about Elizabeth Taylor and what a great friend and influence she was. So I asked Kathy a question… and she answered it!

Now, Elizabeth Taylor was always kind of an enigma to me. I’m too young to respect her for her acting roles… and I was never impressed with the amount of marriages she had under her belt.

However, when she passed away last year, I learned a lot about her amazing charity work that she did right up until the end. And I also read numerous articles that gave a glimpse inside this superstar’s head– and she seemed like someone I’d have a glass (or nine) of wine with.

So, I asked Kathy Ireland about Elizabeth Taylor’s sense of humor.

She replied: “The best. Funny is funny enough…teller of stories, jokes, and an ability to laugh @ herself. The best.”

Sold! I’ve said it time and again— the quality in a person that I like the BEST is the ability to make fun of yourself! And here Kathy Ireland tells me exactly what I needed to hear about Elizabeth Taylor.

Here is my prized possession of the week…

My response from Kathy Ireland!

In the meantime, I’m off to charge my phone.

Have a nice Saturday night—- surprises in store on this blog in the coming days!



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