Our Kick-Off to Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Sorry I haven’t been in touch for the past several days…. I’ve still been terribly sick since my birthday on September 18th. Plus we’ve been spending some time with friends and family in Califonia. Now that I’m sorta feeling better, I have some catching up to do on several videos for you. I promise we’ll get there.

But for now, I’d like to tell you that October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. We are doing our part by continuing efforts to visit schools and talk to as many children as possible about the importance of encouraging others.

This Friday, October 5th, we will be holding our kick-off event to Bullying Prevention Awareness Month by visiting our good friends at Just Pop In! in Indianapolis, Indiana. There, we will be reading our bestselling book Pete the Popcorn and mingling with folks to talk to them about our message.

Here are Carly and Mandy… co-proprieters of the best popcorn shop we’ve visited… talking with the local FOX affiliate about our book, their popcorn and this Friday’s event. By the way… I couldn’t embed the video… so just click here to watch!


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