Hands-Free Whopper?

Would you eat a burger in this fashion?



Sure, the picture is funny. But the video takes it to a whole new level:


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Bucket List Photo Challenge: Day 16.

Day 16 of my Bucket List Photo Challenge!


I love a good hole-in-the-wall dive bar. They always have great food and zero attitude. There is one near my house called “Happy Hour” — yeah, that’s the real name of the place. Every Wednesday night, they’ve got tacos for $0.75 and margaritas for $1.50. I try to make it when I can… sometimes it’s every week and other times I go months without going.

But it usually involves my mother, my friend Ellen, sometimes my brother Lee. Who knows who will show up, really. And the waitresses are damn funny, let me tell you. The one is hilarious and the other one could be on disability with bi-polar disorder.

Tonight, while we were sitting there finishing our drinks (aren’t they gone already in the photo?), I saw all of our hands desperately clutching our glasses for that last sip of $1.50 margarita, with a hint of gasoline flavor. So I had us join our glasses and snapped this photo of hands. At the end of the year, I’ll remember this quaint and ordinary night.

You can see my list of words and phrases for January below… we’ll caption the above photo HANDS and scratch that item off the list.


Fresh Start





Usual Movement









Real Life








Day One








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January 2013

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