Fox News… having it both ways.

We are all familiar with Donald Trump and his on-again, off-again feud with Fox News and Megyn Kelly. Folks, it’s all for show… and ratings.

This dance began, of course, last summer at the very first Republican debate when Ms. Kelly took it to The Donald. She was actually one of the first journalists to ask serious questions about his demeanor and temperament. Well, Donald didn’t like it and took to Twitter to vent.

It’s been back-and-forth since, with Mr. Trump declaring he is boycotting Fox News, only to appear again days later. And Fox will always have him, because he is ratings gold, like him or hate him.

But things really got interesting during the past week, when Trump again blasted Kelly on Twitter, after she aired a show in which he felt attacked.

Friday evening, Fox News issued a sharp statement defending Megyn and dismissing Donald of having an, “extreme, sick obsession” with the cable news host.

However, last night, while I was flipping between CNN’s “final five” election special and WWE Monday Night Raw, I stumbled across what one could mistake as an infomercial for Trump… on Fox News.

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There sat The Donald, with Sean Hannity, for an entire hour. Joining him in the latter portion were Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, both of whom have endorsed Trump. Softball questions for Donald and wide time for Jan and Joe to make their case to Arizona.

So, if Fox News was so irate— enough to issue a statement about the ongoing tussle between Trump and Kelly— why give him an hour of free airtime? Ratings. Pure and simple ratings.

Fox is in the bag for Trump. Can you imagine the bonanza of viewership they’ll have with 4 or 8 years of a President Trump? And they love that Miss Megyn Kelly is there, attacking Trump at every turn, to shield them from exactly what someone like me is saying— that Fox has their candidate.

And why does Trump play along? Why not? He has an answer for everything and even if he doesn’t, his supporters don’t care. Free TV is free TV.



When news people become the news…


The breaking news this morning about two news professionals being shot dead, while completing a live broadcast, is utterly heartbreaking. I went to broadcasting school… I wanted to be on the news, just like Alison Parker. I wanted to film the news as it happened… just like Adam Ward. These people were doing their job… jobs which I’m sure they loved.

I’ve been lucky for the past few years to regularly appear on several morning news shows in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio to talk about my books. I cannot imagine an incident like this happening to one of the professionals that I’ve met in my journeys. News people should never become part of the news.

Which brings me to what this blog post was originally supposed to focus on, before this breaking news story intervened: Jorge Ramos.

Mr. Ramos, according to Wikipedia, is a journalist. Yes, journalists have a right to ask questions— that’s their job. But, in an organized press conference setting, so that each broadcasting organization is given their fair time, journalists are also asked to respect the process. And respect the individual that is answering the questions— regardless of whether or not you like or agree with what they have to say.

The actions of Jorge Ramos at Donald Trump’s press conference yesterday were ridiculous. Yet, they both got exactly what they wanted. Ramos was looking to insert himself into the national conversation that Trump started. And Trump gave him that gift by discharging him from the event.


On that same note, Trump also got what he was looking for: more free publicity. I had recorded CNN last night to watch Anderson Cooper’s special on the ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Yet, it was preempted by an hour of “Breaking News” coverage with Don Lemon. The news? Trump and Ramos.

And this tidbit of information, as well: The daughter of Jorge Ramos works for the campaign of Hillary Clinton. That’s right… the Democratic frontrunner. Now, conspiracy theorists will go to work. I’ll bet they say that Jorge Ramos was a plant by the Clinton campaign, placed there to disrupt the Trump press conference. Or placed there to ensure that Mr. Trump continues to suck all of the air out of the Republican race.

At any rate, the actions of Mr. Ramos were unbecoming of a journalist. News people should never become the news. Ms. Parker and Mr. Ward didn’t have a choice in the matter. They were sitting ducks and it’s a tragic story of two young lives cut short.

Mr. Ramos did have a choice… he could have waited his turn to ask a question, perhaps catching The Donald off guard. Instead, he placed himself in the story and gave Trump time to prepare for the fight. It’s all good for ratings, right?

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You’ve been trumped.


Mmmmmm…. what’s that smell? Oh yeah, the silly summer season of Presidential Politics is upon us.

When Donald Trump began talking about running for President, yet again, in this cycle, I knew he would get in. Why? Jeb Bush.

Make no mistake about this— Donald Trump isn’t running for President. No, he is running against Jeb Bush. All of this immigration, Mexican rapists, John McCain hoopla is just a sideshow.

Donald Trump isn’t dumb. He knows that, in order to make it onto the same debate stage as Jeb Bush, he has to score in the TOP 10 candidates in national polling leading up to the debate. In order to accomplish that goal, any candidate has to attract attention, drive the national discourse and drown out the other 89 voices that are running for the Republican nomination.

The best way for a Donald Trump to do this? Use your biggest asset: your mouth. Sure, Trump is a blowhard. Sure, Trump is an egomaniac. Sure, Trump might even be a jackass, like Senator Lindsey Graham said. But there’s one thing that nobody is giving him credit for— you don’t become a billionaire by being a bozo when it comes to brains.

To bridge the gap between his official entry into the race and the debate stage, Donald Trump knew he would have to create a sideshow atmosphere. Throw some verbal bombs. Begin some attack politics. Name-calling. And, of course, feed off of this very real anti-Washington rage that fuels a healthy percentage of the electorate. Add all of this up, and you’ll get a podium on that debate stage.

And why does Donald Trump so desperately want a spot in this first debate? Trump has never been a fan of the Bush family. He has said that George W. Bush was the worst President we’ve ever had. Trump has called the war in Iraq a huge failure and a giant mistake. If you look at Trump’s own finances, you can clearly see that his own wallet took a serious hit in the Bush years. We little minions weren’t the only ones that felt the Bush economy.

Donald Trump doesn’t want to see another Bush Presidency. And, for reasons that should be clear to all of us, he doesn’t trust the other Republicans running for President to defeat Jeb Bush. So, if you’re a billionaire with a big mouth, with some money to burn, what are you gonna do? Make an investment in your own future by knocking out the guy that you see as being bad for your business.

If I were one of the other Republicans in the race, I’d sit back and watch the show. Donald Trump is going to be in attack mode on that debate stage in Cleveland. And his bullseye is going to be squarely on Jeb Bush. The other guys can sit there, let Trump do the dirty work, not get their hands dirty… and the damage will be done.

Yes, Jeb Bush has to know these attacks are coming. But how on Earth do you prepare for a candidate like Donald Trump? Answer: You can’t. Because he’s not a real candidate. So Jeb will be caught off guard and his candidacy will suffer.

Beyond all of this… let me remind you of something: at this point in the 2008 Republican nomination contest, John McCain’s campaign was imploding in a burst of sheer panic. Advisors were resigning. Organizers were being laid off. The candidate was flying coach. Even Ron Paul’s campaign had more cash on hand. Every single pundit declared that McCain was finished. He went on to win the Republican nomination, sewing up the needed delegates soon after Super Tuesday.

So anything can happen. I just can’t wait for that debate.

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