Comic Con Cruise!


While I was away from the airline industry for two years, there were three things I missed:

Observing people.
Everyday CAN be a new adventure.
Travel. Travel. Travel.

One of the awesome benefits we have as airline employees are “interline” discounts. Airline employees enjoy steep discounts at hotels, resorts and on cruise ships— particularly in the off seasons or during special times/cruises when there is a large amount of availability.

In January of 2017, I received an email offering a crazy cheap price on a “charter” cruise out of Tampa. It was only a 4-night cruise, much shorter than I’m used to. And it promised special entertainment. For the price, we decided to go.

Turns out, it was the first Comic Con at Sea. The cast of Stranger Things was on board. There were comic book writers and artists, a cosplay contest and a “Gotham City” ball. Heck, there was even a burlesque show! To say it wasn’t your normal cruise would be an understatement.

Everywhere I turned on the ship, there was Batman, Spider-man, Superman, Wonder Woman… even Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island! It truly was fun to see all of these people getting into the Comic Con spirit on a cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico.

The primary reason this cruise will always stick out in my memory, though: how incredibly nice all of our fellow passengers were. The comic con fans themselves were all interesting to talk to— and more than happy to dive into deep conversations about their favorite pop culture addiction.

Then there were the airline employees that were taking advantage of the special discount. We all work very hard (when we actually do work) and then we also play hard when we have time off. All in all, this short cruise was one of the best I’ve been on… and I’ll have more charter cruises to discuss in the future!

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