Encouragement Across America

In early September of 2012, Nick Rokicki and Joe Kelley embarked on an “All-American Road Trip.” Although, this was no ordinary trip.

Through mid-November, Nick and Joe traveled to nearly 100 schools in 25 states in 40 cities over 15,000 miles! During the school visits, they read their book Pete the Popcorn and spoke to children about the importance of encouraging each other.

Below, you will find a series of videos produced at some schools.

Packing the car for the trip:

Des Moines, Iowa Day One:

Des Moines, Iowa Day Two:

Mason City, Iowa:

Rapid City, South Dakota Day One:

Rapid City, South Dakota Day Two:

Yellowstone National Park Day One:

Yellowstone National Park Day Two:

Nick’s 30th Birthday!

Billings, Montana

Travel Day Photo Slideshow

Pocatello, Idaho Day One

Pocatello, Idaho Day Two

Carson City, Nevada

Milford, Michigan and Westland, Michigan, Fremont, Ohio and Bellevue, Ohio

Miamisburg and Centerville, Ohio

Lexington, Kentucky

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Mobile, Alabama

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