Joe Kelley grew up in Westland, Michigan and attended John Glenn High School. Furthering his education at Schoolcraft College and Madonna University, Joe worked as a 911 operator and marketing director at major movie theater chain. Finally, he found his first passion in wedding photography.

When Kelley’s young nephew was being bullied in 2011, he turned to his friend Nick Rokicki, who loved creative writing. Together, they developed the character, message and concept of Pete the Popcorn. Self-learning the entire process of publishing a book in today’s new bookselling market, Pete the Popcorn was released on Leap Day, February 29th, 2012. The book was a resounding success, hitting three #1 positions at

Since then, the creative writing bug has stuck and the duo have completed ten additional projects, with more books coming during the remaining months of 2015. Joe’s personal favorite is The Ideaparnockolis, the authors’ tribute to Dr. Seuss. The book teaches children all about creativity. Teachers from across the country have used this book to engage their students in writing about their own ideas.

Looking forward, Joe is excited to expand on the line of chapter books that are in the works, visiting more schools across the country… and eventually finding the time to get back to his favorite pastime, traveling.


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