365 Days of Writing – 75

Nick and Joe's 365 Days of Writing


Setting: Zoo
Character: Librarian
Object: Fuzzy Microphone Cover
Time: Midnight

The time was getting close to midnight and Mrs. Goolymander knew she’d have to hurry. The rumor was out about the Squiddy, the Red Panda at The Detroit Zoo. Apparently, Squiddy would read books after midnight. If Mrs. Goolymander could get a video of this animal reading a book, she’d be hailed as the best librarian to ever live! Every child would want to pick up a book and be like Squiddy!

Mrs. Goolymander fit the toes of her grey, patent leather, sensible-heeled shoe into the fence. The flamingo cage backed right up to Squiddy’s exhibit, where she knew she’d get the best angle. Climbing the fence to the flamingos, the librarian could see that the flamingos were all gathered at the opposite end of their habitat. Perfect!

At the stroke of midnight, Squiddy appeared. He was holding a book in his hand! Sure enough, Mrs. Goolymander zoomed in with her camera, to see him flip over the book and turn a page!

“Hey! Give me that! Give me back my microphone cover!” shouted Mrs. Goolymander, as the flamingo ripped the fuzzy microphone cover off the top of her camera. Her gut reaction was to yell at the bird… but it caused Squiddy to put down his book and stick his tongue out at the librarian.


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