365 Days of Writing – 74

Nick and Joe's 365 Days of Writing


Setting: Death Valley, California
Character: A Sleeping Peanut
Object: Hot Dog

“Marv! I was sound asleep! That was the best sleep I had gotten in weeks. Hell, I was even dreaming. You know what my dream was Marv? My dream was that I wasn’t in this motel room in Death Valley, California. No… instead I’d met a gorgeous blonde peanut named Trixie. Her and I got into my peanut jar and just drove for miles, the wind in our faces, not a care in the world! We wound up out in California, walking the Santa Monica Pier at sunset. That’s when you came in and woke me up! I’m a damn peanut, Marv! What in the hell would I want with a hot dog?!?!”

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