365 Days of Writing – 73

Nick and Joe's 365 Days of Writing


Setting: Florida Everglades
Character: Criminal
Object: Cucumber

“Put down the sea cucumber!”

The noise coming from the fans at the back of the airboat was deafening. This, coupled with the police sirens, and I could barely hear what the officer was yelling at me.

“Again, put down the sea cucumber!”

The cop was motioning toward my hand, where I was holding a small sea cucumber. Hoping they’d mistake it for a grenade or something, this was the only thing I could find at the bottom of the shallow marsh in the Florida Everglades.

After robbing the bank, I never dreamed the cops would follow me all the way into the swamp of the Everglades. But they did… and here I was… on the verge of being caught.

I knew my choice now was between alligators or prison. And I’d rather swim with the alligators than stare at cement. So I threw the sea cucumber as fast and far as I could and dove underwater, hoping to make a break for it in the confusion.



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