Welcome Back…

Welcome Back!

It’s been over two years since I’ve consistently posted on this blog. My New Year’s Resolution is simple… get back to it.


Don’t I Look Entertained…

In that two years, I’ve missed lots of opportunities to write here. Politics. Travel. Life changes. More books being published. Clearly, I have lots of material to work with going forward.

But the biggest challenge I’m undertaking is this: 365 days of flash fiction writing. In the Spring of 2017, we published Pete the Popcorn Presents: Nick and Joe’s 365 Days of Writing. This writing workbook has been a hit with parents, children and teachers, as it provides a flash fiction writing prompt for each day of the year.

In this book, I promised to begin sharing my own stories through this blog. And I’ve encouraged every person that’s picked up a copy to do the same… post their own stories or links to their stories in the comments below. Won’t it be fun to see what others have come up with, using the same prompts?

Feel free to play along.

Along with this daily post, I’m also hoping to bring you stories, photos and more from the two years I’ve been living life.

As always, your support is appreciated…. and so are your purchases of my books, which you can find on Amazon at my author page!


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