Fox News… having it both ways.

We are all familiar with Donald Trump and his on-again, off-again feud with Fox News and Megyn Kelly. Folks, it’s all for show… and ratings.

This dance began, of course, last summer at the very first Republican debate when Ms. Kelly took it to The Donald. She was actually one of the first journalists to ask serious questions about his demeanor and temperament. Well, Donald didn’t like it and took to Twitter to vent.

It’s been back-and-forth since, with Mr. Trump declaring he is boycotting Fox News, only to appear again days later. And Fox will always have him, because he is ratings gold, like him or hate him.

But things really got interesting during the past week, when Trump again blasted Kelly on Twitter, after she aired a show in which he felt attacked.

Friday evening, Fox News issued a sharp statement defending Megyn and dismissing Donald of having an, “extreme, sick obsession” with the cable news host.

However, last night, while I was flipping between CNN’s “final five” election special and WWE Monday Night Raw, I stumbled across what one could mistake as an infomercial for Trump… on Fox News.

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There sat The Donald, with Sean Hannity, for an entire hour. Joining him in the latter portion were Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, both of whom have endorsed Trump. Softball questions for Donald and wide time for Jan and Joe to make their case to Arizona.

So, if Fox News was so irate— enough to issue a statement about the ongoing tussle between Trump and Kelly— why give him an hour of free airtime? Ratings. Pure and simple ratings.

Fox is in the bag for Trump. Can you imagine the bonanza of viewership they’ll have with 4 or 8 years of a President Trump? And they love that Miss Megyn Kelly is there, attacking Trump at every turn, to shield them from exactly what someone like me is saying— that Fox has their candidate.

And why does Trump play along? Why not? He has an answer for everything and even if he doesn’t, his supporters don’t care. Free TV is free TV.