Rokicki: Encouragement

News on my newest book!


Written by: Nick Rokicki

Call it a business, call it a hobby, call it whatever you like. But my dream, passion, goal in life, is to change the way children treat each other. We need less judging and more kindness and respect. A big part of that, in my opinion, is encouragement. Children need to offer encouragement to each other. As adults, we rarely accomplish this— we’re all far too busy running in the rat race to take a moment and say, “hey, you’re doing a really good job. Keep it up.”

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Rokicki: Fat Kid.

Hey, readers! I’ve been focusing on fitness… read my story here.


Written by: Nick Rokicki

I don’t like talking about this, I really don’t. Who does?

There’s a whole bunch of you that feel my pain.

I was a fat kid growing up. No denying it. My Dad cooked dinners in my family. There were a lot of carbs. Bread. Pasta. And then there was the kielbasa and pierogies. Did I mention Polish Coffee Cake?

Back in 2002, a couple years out of high school, I dropped over 100 pounds on the Atkins diet. Sure, I coupled this with some exercise. But it was primarily diet.

A few years after that, I started working for an airline. Traveling for work is fun. But the food being served in airports and hotel restaurants… isn’t. So I started gaining.

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Rokicki: Is this where Dreams Come to Die?

Check this out!


Written by: Nick Rokicki

My existence in one paragraph:

Born-and-raised in Toledo. Worked at a dream job at age 19, when I was too immature to realize that it was. Moved to the suburbs of Detroit for work. That work allowed me to travel the world. Relocated to Maui in order to launch a business and drink beer on the beach. Head hung down, disappointed as can be, returned to Toledo for matters of family.

Call me an optimist, but my story is just beginning.

Last year, I was one of the herd that got hired at Chrysler. Or, as we call it in Toledo… Jeep. Oh, I heard it from all sides… Image

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