YouTube Vid I Could Watch All Day… #17

Gotta love Milton Simmons. I mean Richard— Richard Simmons. Milton is his real name, but the world knows him as Richard.

If you don’t care for Richard Simmons, that’s fine. He is a little over-the-top. But go read this article and report back to me. Tell me if your opinion changed.

Why do I like Richard Simmons? He inspires the people that need inspiring. And, as I’ve said countless times on this blog, he can make fun of himself. Lots of people think David Letterman is mean to Richard. But, come on, you don’t think Simmons is in on the joke? Why would he come back to the show, time and again?

Without failure, this makes me laugh:

Here ya’ go… Nick’s YouTube Vid I Could Watch All Day… #17:

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