I Is What I Is… #3: Expectations Lead to Disappointment.

I’ve decided to start a new series of blog posts titled I Is What I Is…. Thank you for that title, Paula Deen. I was going to name the series What I’ve Learned but that seemed so boring and more than a little uppity. These short posts will come whenever something strikes me— no set schedule here. I Is What I Is… will be my attempt to explain, in stories and observations, how I continue to develop my attitude, worldview and the way  in which I choose to live. Here is I Is What I Is… #3: Expectations Lead to Disappointment


If there is any one certain thing, it is that people will disappoint you.


I once heard that, “expectations lead to disappointment.” That quote couldn’t be more accurate.


So, how do you fix this? Quite simple, really— only depend on yourself. Don’t expect much of others. This way, when someone fails you, you won’t be so disappointed. And if they come through? Bonus!


You are more than capable of handling everything that life throws at you on your own. Does this mean you should be a loner and never speak to anyone ever again? No. But always have a backup plan that you can put into motion with your own two hands.

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One comment on “I Is What I Is… #3: Expectations Lead to Disappointment.

  1. This reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Ordinary People. In the end of the film, Donald Sutherland tells his son , “Don’t expect too much from others, they’ll disappoint you.” I suppose this also goes for ourselves too, yes? Thanks for the great reminder!

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