Conspiracy Theories: What do you think?



Take a look at that photo above. Then think about the last airplane you were on. That’s a piece of TWA Flight 800, which blew up in 1996 in the waters off Long Island. That piece isn’t very big, is it?

Flight 800 is back in the news now, 17 years later. A new film, set to release on July 17th (the 17th anniversary of the crash) will bring up new theories— theories that this wasn’t some malfunctioning of the fuel gauge line.

Now, most of these documentaries are filled with gibberish and hocus-pocus boloney. But this one features six members of the accident investigation team, who producers claim are ready to, “break their silence.”

Here is the thing: what benefit do these guys have now, after their retirement, in coming forward? Then again, why didn’t they stand up and speak out then, when the nation was looking to the government for answers? Did that same government tell the investigators to, “sit down and shut up”?

I don’t think a terrorist attack of this capacity would have been a welcoming bit of news in the lead-up to a Presidential election. But we don’t even know if that will be the theory from these retired investigators.

What do you think of conspiracy theories? Are you interested in seeing this film? Or should the filmmakers have let the wounds continue to heal, instead of opening up a new box of worms?




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5 comments on “Conspiracy Theories: What do you think?

  1. Ahh…Conspiracy Theories…I really do enjoy them…they are fun amd interesting to read and watch. Someday, I would love to find out the truth about JFK, the Hindenberg, the Secret Societies, etc.

    • I think the now-retired investigators that are a part of this documentary were a part of the plane’s reconstruction efforts (at least some of them…).

      The documentary seems to have a lot of “weight” behind it, in that these guys were all involved in the investigation in a very hands-on fashion.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. when I hear conspiracy theory I immediately think “JFK”…I say bring on the theories, sometimes a new FACT might come to light and it certainly provides busy work for the brain. come now how many times have film producers actually let “sleeping dogs lie”? if it’s a good story, that will make the $$$ it will be coming soon to a theatre near you 🙂

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