Can’t Keep Quiet…

I try to be quiet on all things politics, since I’m hawking books for children that teach lessons which appeal to EVERYONE.

But I can’t shut up on this one.

Obama Rain


My father was a Marine in the Korean War. I can’t speak for him, because he passed away after a long and fulfilling life in 2009.

The co-author of my books, Joe Kelley, also has a personal connection to the Unites States Marine Corps. His young brother, David, lost his life in a Marine training accident on his way to Iraq for his second tour in 2005. So, I can’t speak for him, either.

But I can’t imagine that either one of them signed up in service to their country to hold an umbrella for the Commander in Chief. And I’m betting that these Marines, used as props by our President for his own personal comfort, didn’t either.

President Obama should have asked a wide-eyed, fawning aide to hold the umbrella. He or She would have been more than happy to do so.


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8 comments on “Can’t Keep Quiet…

  1. Any facebook friend who doesn’t respect your first amendment right to voice your opinion is better off gone. This is a very respectful post. When an ambassador and two former Navy Seals needed help in Benghazi, our President tells the military to step down and lets them die. Yet if he has some raindrops on him, send in the Marines? Tsk Tsk. I agree with you. Did you see Palin’s facebook essay on this? It’s pretty good. I thank your family for your father’s service. May he rest in peace. Please know many American people still appreciate freedom fighters. Semper Fi

    • Nice essay by Palin… just went to read it at your suggestion.

      That Facebook “friend” never commented or “liked” anything else I’ve ever written about any topic, including visiting 100,000 school children in 25 states to read my books— at no cost to the schools. And, get this, she is a TEACHER! So, yep, better off gone.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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