Encouragement and Bucket Lists.

Encouragement: To inspire someone with the confidence or courage to do something. To stimulate someone by approval, support or help.

I believe that the act of encouraging someone else in his or her endeavors, quests or dreams is one of the most important things we, as humans, can do for one another.

In fact, I believe that encouragement is so important that I’ve made it my personal goal to teach this lesson to young children. A child encouraging another child is the most powerful form of encouragement there is. That’s the message behind my first book for children, Pete the Popcorn. The character was named Pete because it stands for Pursuing Excellence Through Encouragement. I’ve visited hundreds of classrooms and spoken with over 50,000 children across the country since the book was released. My year has been awesome— even if only one of those kids learned anything from me.

Throughout this process, I’ve found encouragement from someone that I don’t even know. This young lady is a wife and a mother. She is a role model. And she lives a life in which she sets a goal and achieves it. Lesley Carter is the Queen of Bucket Lists, running a growing community dedicated to the subject of living your dreams. Go check out Bucket List Publications at http://lesleycarter.wordpress.com

Every year, Lesley creates a Bucket List of goals, activities, accomplishments, adventures, etc. that she wants to complete during that given year. The list includes items like milking a cow, skydiving (again!), be a motivational speaker at an event, go hang gliding and my personal favorite, go camping with her daughter and husband. Her 2013 list includes 50 items!

Lesley Carter of Bucket List Publications

Lesley Carter of Bucket List Publications

Seeing Lesley just go out there and grab it was really part of my motivation to do the same. If I had not received encouragement from watching her live her dreams, who knows if I would have accomplished many of my own Bucket List items over the past two years. But I’ve been curious— what makes Lesley tick? Who gives her encouragement?


Not all of her adventures include spikes to the blood pressure. Lesley meets locals and gets involved with local communities whenever she can on her travels.

I had the opportunity to interview Lesley recently and found her take on encouragement very interesting. Like many of us, Lesley recalls receiving encouragement from her mother, saying, “my mom stands out as the most encouraging when my ideas or goals were completely unrealistic. She encouraged me to live a life without restrictions. She encouraged me to travel from a young age and even when I told her that I was quitting my teaching position to move across the continent and follow my dreams of being a travel writer, she was my biggest fan.”

By reading Lesley’s work on Bucket List Publications, one can immediately tell that she does get a certain energy from folks around the world that follow her adventures, both large and small. WordPress.com is the world’s premier blogging community, hosting approximately 63 million WordPress sites. Carter attributes WordPress users with some of her success, saying, “through their like/comment system I find daily encouragement from other writers and supporters.”

Family plays a huge part in Lesley’s Bucket List dreams, as well, “my family still encourage me and I call my mother daily to get a little boost. My husband has become a constant, never-faltering source of encouragement and support. He has taught me that we can live a life of dreams only limited by our imagination.”

Above, I contemplated whether my list of accomplishments would have grown steadily over the past year, if not for running across Lesley Carter online and creating my very own Bucket List. So I asked Lesley what Bucket List items of her own might have gone undone without receiving encouragement from others. Her answer was unsurprising, “pretty much all of them! My friends, family, teachers (not just in the school setting) and fellow bloggers have shaped me into the adventurous, stop-at-nothing person that I am today. Without encouragement, I would be a different person.”

Lesley Carter reaffirms my belief in the power of encouragement. I just hope she knows how much encouragement she gives, as well.

Paragliding 1

Paragliding 4

I’d like to thank Lesley for sharing her adventures with us— and I need your help in giving her a proper thanks. Lesley is in the running to win a six month, six continent, all expense paid Bucket List adventure through My Destination’s Biggest, Baddest Bucket List. Oh… and $50,000. Yes, $50,000.

If she wins, I bet she’ll buy a Pete the Popcorn book.

All you need to do is visit http://www.mydestination.com/users/lesley/bbb#tab. There, you can vote for Lesley Carter by sharing it on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Stumble Upon and Pinterest. She currently has almost 19,000 votes and I want to make sure the blogging community can push her to a big win! Thanks in advance for helping this role model of mine.

To follow Lesley Carter in all of her adventures:




Thanks for reading! Go vote for Lesley and go encourage someone today.

Bucket List Publications

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