Bucket List Photo Challenge: Day 72.

Day 72 of my Bucket List Photo Challenge!

I made this list of words for March way back in January. I promise. The word holy was placed on the list as a nod to the Holiest of seasons on the church calendar: Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

While making the list in January, I had no idea that Pope Benedict would be resigning and there would be a papal conclave taking place in March. Watching the television coverage this afternoon, I decided to use the word holy today… and then cave into commercialism and probably use the word bunny closer to Easter. I know, that’s terrible. But I felt more in tune to the word holy today than I have in a while.

As Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio stepped onto the balcony at St. Peter’s, one could immediately tell that he possesses a calm and humble spirit. And the name which he selected, Pope Francis I, seems to signify that he places more importance on ministering to the people than infighting over church doctrine. And did you see that smile? What began as a nervous grin turned to a wide, gracious and friendly face when, at the end of his appearance, he told the faithful to get rest and that tomorrow he would like to pray to the Madonna. These seemingly off-the-cuff remarks were telling: he was humble enough to ask for prayers for himself… and he made it a point to thank the crowd gathered at the Vatican for their warm welcome.

I read a quote today from someone standing in the crowd in front of St. Peter’s. They said, “it makes no difference where the Pope comes from, only that he is able to travel into hearts.”

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit St. Peter’s Basilica. There, I was able to reflect for a moment in front of the tomb of Pope John Paul II. This was a Pope that clearly held the talent to travel into the hearts of people around the world. I’m not a Catholic. But my father and his mother were… and I remember very well how they both loved Pope John Paul II. So, when standing there in Vatican City, inside St. Peter’s Basilica, surrounded by people from all over the World, I had a strong sense of peace and calm. If this is what faith is, sign me up. Here is a photo reflecting that calm:



Today, while watching Pope Francis I look out onto the crowd, that same feeling came over me. No, I’m not a Catholic… but that’s what makes the selection of Pope so very important to folks all around the globe: this person has the bully pulpit. This person has the ability to uplift and inspire. If his job is done correctly, this man will reach into the hearts of people like my father and grandmother and solidify their faith. And I find myself quite hopeful that the Cardinals made a very sound judgement in selecting this man from Argentina.

We’ll call this one HOLY and knock it off the list!

Here is the complete list for the month of March:





Ugly Duckling


Role Model

Final Four







Spring Break

















March 2013

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