I added a thought and a photo to this post from a couple days ago. I think it’s important enough to repost.



I have a brand new book coming out on March 15th. Casey and Callie Cupcake is a Frosted Fable About Being Fantastic Just the Way You Are! It’s a cute book for kids that teaches them that they’re perfect— just the way they are.

Now, because I’m trying to sell books, I’ve placed a self-imposed ban on posting any opinions on this blog which may be considered controversial. Today, I throw this rule out the window for the sake of those that served or are currently serving in America’s military.

There is a news story about cupcakes gaining national prominence. And it must be addressed— because it’s making me mad. That, and it’s about cupcakes and schools— two things close to my heart.

Do you remember being in school, and how exciting it was on your birthday? Most kids could bring in treats to…

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