One Day in Malaga, Spain PART TWO

Taking photos while traveling can be difficult. You either end up with too many and never take the time to sort through them… or you can’t remember what it was that you even took a picture of.

I like having a theme for my photos. Graffiti. People. Statues. Doorways. Flowers. Stones. All of these have been my theme for various days spent in various cities.

Here are some examples from Malaga, Spain… I mixed it up a little so you can see what I mean.


Flowers are one of the best themes I’ve found. Especially if the shot is strategically placed, you can have the flowers and a little hint/reminder of where the photo was taken.





Interesting stone patterns make for great pictures. A shot like this really breaks up a book of your photos and makes people think, “now, I wonder where this was?”





The same goes for animals. I can’t tell you how many dogs I’ve taken photos of in my travels. And I’ll always remember that this cat was with his owner, who was selling nuts.





Another example of stone patterns, this time in a wall.





Take plenty of photos of the people that you’re traveling with! And don’t ever be afraid to have them pose!





Caution: boobs in the above photo. Well, I guess that was too late.





Graffiti is one of my favorite themes. Some may see ugly. I see stories.





People and animals mixed nicely in this shot. The owner saw me taking a photo of his dog and then he picked up the dog and whispered, “I love you.” And then the dog did his little trick, leaning into his dad for a hug.





Statues were my favorite thing to take photos of in Europe. Some were breathtakingly beautiful. Others were creepy as can be.





And then some were so dramatic.





But I always come back to people. People make any photograph better. This is the waiter at our lunch restaurant in Malaga.


Come back for more Malaga photos in the coming days.

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3 comments on “One Day in Malaga, Spain PART TWO

  1. What lovely photos! I have always wanted to visit Malaga,it is certainly on my bucket list,and seeing all these photos has made me bump it up slightly on that list. Great blog

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