One Day in Malaga, Spain PART ONE

I love sailing on big cruise ships. Not just for the fabulous entertainment, delicious food and awesome people I meet… but for the great destinations that I get to sample.

Some will say that a day in port isn’t long enough. To me, it is. 9-12 hours in a destination gives me time to explore, meet the people and see the culture. One day gives me a nice taste to determine whether or not I would be interested in coming back. I’ve fallen in love with some cities this way: Cartagena, Columbia and San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua come to mind. And then I’ve learned that other places don’t require more than one day: Cozumel, Mexico is surely one of those.

I just returned from a transatlantic cruise. Our first stop upon arrival in Europe was Malaga, Spain. I’ll be completely upfront here: I didn’t do much research on ports of call prior to this sailing— just didn’t seem to have the time. So when I stepped foot off the cruise ship, I just bought a ticket on a Hop On/Hop Off Bus. Things always seem to work out… and this theory proved correct again.

My photography tour of Malaga, Spain will be spread out through several posts, because of the diversity of my photos and the stories that accompany them.


This is the view of residential areas of Malaga from the top of Mount Gibralfaro, a hill that is 130 meters above sea level.


The sign upon entering Gibralfaro Castle, which sits high atop Mount Gibralfaro and actually connects through a series of ramparts to Alacazaba Castle/Palace in the center of the city. I was amazed at the size and beauty of this complex, which is remarkably in tact for being constructed in 1057.


Photos are made special and unique when you zoom in and focus on bits or pieces of your view.


I loved the contrast in this shot… the age-old castle in the foreground, the rich greenery, the modern port and the deep blue sea beyond.


These trees provided such a geometrical photo.


And the shadows that they cast on the stones were amazing, too.


My Mom and I… she’s never been to Europe and I didn’t think I’d ever talk her into it. So I’m really proud of this photo.


One of my favorite shots from the Castle. A view within a view, sorta.


Another photo showing that contrast between historical and modern marvels.


I love lines and columns of any sort when taking pictures. This Castle had plenty to choose from.




A replica of the two Castles, with the ramparts connecting them.


You never know what kind of photo you can snap if you have your camera ready. I have no particular interest in birds… but this one is pretty cool, with the Mediterranean in the background.


Finally, a view of our ship from high atop the Castle complex.

In the next part, we’ll focus on unique photos that you can take… in any city in the World!

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