Obligatory Oscar Predictions.

Sorry for my lack of posts (other than my Bucket List Photo Challenge…) but I’ve been on a working trip to Europe! More on that in the coming days!

To ease myself back into the routine, how about some Oscar predictions?

I’m very excited for the show this evening— Seth MacFarlane, Adele and Barbra “The Nose Knows” Streisand come to mind— and I’d like to go out on a limb and make some calls:

Best Supporting Actress is one of two locks for the 85th Annual Academy Awards. Anne Hathaway will be taking the stage and acting all surprised. Should she win? Probably. But I’m pulling for an unlikely sweep by Silver Linings Playbook— the rest of these are all of my predictions. I’m now on record as saying that I would like to see Silver Linings Playbook win in every category for which it has been nominated. Will it happen? No.

Best Supporting Actor is a wide-open category. But the Academy loves Christoph Waltz. Then again, they love De Niro, too. However, I think the Academy will split the votes between those two and Tommy Lee Jones, allowing the ever-so-respected Philip Seymour Hoffman (don’t those three names just make him sound so prestigious?!?) will win the gold.

Best Actor is the other lock tonight. Daniel Day-Lewis it is, for Lincoln. But Bradley Cooper is still dreamy, right?

Best Actress is a bit iffy. I’m 99% sure that Jennifer Lawrence will win. But Jessica Chastain could pull off an upset. And if she does, it’s because of Lawrence’s SNL bit about the other nominees. Was it funny? Yes. But does Hollywood take itself too seriously? Yes.

Best Director is up in the air, in my opinion. Everyone thinks Spielberg is just so damn awesome. But his record is spotty— lots of nominations, just a few wins. There’s an outside chance Ang Lee sweeps in for Life of Pi. Or even David O. Russell for Silver Linings Playbook. But I believe, in the end, the Hollywood liberals will get all caught up in the Lincoln hype and Spielberg will walk away the winner. Which brings me to Ben Affleck.

Best Picture will likely be won by Argo, as a pure sympathy vote. I enjoyed the movie, I really did. And Ben Affleck should have been nominated for Directing. However, he got snubbed. After the nominations were read and this film picked up steam throughout awards season, I think the Academy will attempt to rectify their error in excluding Affleck by awarding his film Argo with Best Picture. If not, Lincoln has it.

And if Zero Dark Thirty or Beasts of the Southern Wild win anything tonight, there is no movie God.

Talk to you soon.

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