Movie Review: Lincoln… zzzzzz… zzzzzzzz….







Oh, how I wanted to enjoy this movie.

As a self-admitted politics junkie, I was excited to see this film because I was promised a political process film, not a biography. And that’s just what I got.

However, Abraham Lincoln was a man like any other. All of our Presidents are human beings, first— or at least they should be. This movie seems to forget that fact and instead treats him as a Saint or a Greek God. I imagine that, if Steven Spielberg could have re-imagined the whole history, he might have even given Lincoln Greek columns at his nominating speech. You know, like this:

Obama Greek Columns


I think historical films should take a historical look at their subjects. Unfortunately, as much as President Obama likes to refer to Lincoln, and as much as Steven Spielberg likes President Obama, I think this movie was borderline propaganda. I don’t want to say this, but that’s how I felt while watching it. I expected the clouds to part and the rising of the oceans to stop.

Besides this, the movie just… barely… plodded… along. I couldn’t keep my interest, as much as I tried and as much I love history and politics.

Don’t get me wrong— the acting was spectacular. Daniel Day Lewis obviously fell in love with his character. He will win the Oscar on February 24th. And I really like Sally Field… I mean, I really, really like her. So I would like to see her walk away with a little gold man later this month.

Yes, the movie was big and historical and one-of-a-kind and OHMYGOD Spielberg(!!!) directed it. But I just didn’t like it.

Is that OK? Does that make me a bad person?

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