Superbowl? Super… huh?

I’m not a football fan. Let’s make that disclaimer from the get-go.

All I care about is Beyonce sluttin’ her way through the half-time show.

And then a power outage to make things a bit more interesting? Was this Obama’s idea?

Speaking of our President… he plays football, too:


Oh, yeah, Barry! Throw that ball! Ick.

Anyway, back to my story… I only pay attention to the Super Bowl when it’s held in a city that I find fascinating or when a nearby team is playing or when there is an act that I really like performing at halftime. None of this applied tonight. I can listen to a recorded Beyonce song right now, for sake!

But last year I found myself in the middle of some Super Bowl controversy. Does anyone remember this?

Awesome, right? And then he did the whole talking-to-the-chair deal and everyone forgot about this classic.

But I opened my mouth last year after this commercial aired… and I sent a letter to USA Today. And then, they published it. And then, I got hate mail. The text of the letter is pasted below. And here is the link to USA Today.

As an independent voter, I am quite shocked by the controversy over Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad featuring Clint Eastwood (“Super Bowl ads grab social-media buzz“)

When Eastwood asked, “How do we come from behind, how do we come together, and how do we win?” He was talking about us as American citizens — not political parties. In the upcoming election, the electorate wants to hear a positive message. We are tired of being divided into the 1% and 99%. We are all in this together. This feeling no longer exists in the USA, thanks to politicians willing to divide us to conquer their opponents.

The citizens of this country, whom politicians are supposed to be representing, have instead become the collateral damage in their endless pursuits of power. Karl Rove was offended by the ad? Well I’m offended at the behavior of politicos and pundits who would try to politicize this very American message: The game isn’t over. Americans don’t give up. And better days will lie ahead when the spirit that those from the Detroit area have shown spreads throughout this land.

I stand by that. Republicans should have laid off— immediately. The ad wasn’t about the election. It was about us. It was about America. And it was about spirit. Hell, Eastwood himself went out and proved it wasn’t about politics at the Republican convention.

Tonight, I feel that another controversy may be a’brewin. Check out this year’s ad from Chrysler, featuring its Jeep brand (built in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio!!!!! Woot! Woot!):

Oh, boy. Chills. Anyone else? Chills? Chills? I’ve been a critic of Oprah in the past. In fact, I’m surprised I’m still alive to talk about this, but I had a letter critical of O published in… get this… USA Today, during the 2008 Democrat Primaries. But I’ve forgiven Ms. Winfrey and moved on. She’d do the same for me— and I’m sure she has.

I have a feeling we’re going to hear a whole shit-load of Republican Righteous Indignation tomorrow about this ad. The Karl Roves of the Living Room Box will be yapping that Chrysler and Winfrey are hijacking the troops and supporting the President and capitalizing on the sacrifice of so many. Bullshit. Chrysler has a wonderful way of celebrating America and everything that is unique, special and, yes, exceptional.

That’s right— exceptional. Deal with it.

Way to go, Chrysler. Same to you, Winfrey.

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