Child of the 90’s? 80’s? Remember Burple?

I saw this commercial last week:

Wow… that took me back.

I always like to ask people in their 30’s if they remember Burple… do you remember Burple?

burple_650x300_a01_101101_e burple


I got the opportunity to interview singer Gavin Degraw back in 2003 when I was an intern at a radio station. And somehow we got on the subject of things from childhood. Although he is about five years older than I am, we both had a good laugh when I brought up Burple.

So what do you remember from when you were growing up, that is no longer with us?

Thanks to Internet Explorer for that great commercial.

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3 comments on “Child of the 90’s? 80’s? Remember Burple?

  1. I loved burple! I tried telling my 14 year old and my husband (who shall remain ageless) and they acted like i had made this up! You saved me!!
    I remember my mom only letting me get a few and telling me just to refill them with kool-aid. I’d prob tell my kid the same thing today.

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