Bucket List 2013: Music! The World From the Side of the Moon by Phillip Phillips

This post is part of a continuing series to fulfill my 2013 Bucket List item to immerse myself in music.

I’m tired of the American Idol hating. Sure, there have been some stinkers (I’m looking at you, Lee DeWyze). But there have also been some real classics to emerge from this reality show.


Oh, there’ll be some of you that hoot and holler and tell me that American Idol isn’t real music— that it’s just a bunch of contrived, commercial bullshit.

Well, some of it is.

However, the star-making power of this show is unquestionable. Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Clay Aiken. OK, maybe Clay hasn’t really done that well in sales— but the man is a bona fide celebrity. And speaking of celebrities, this show has even given us an Oscar winner in Jennifer Hudson. So please don’t sit there and shake your fist at me for being a fan of American Idol.

And while everyone is harping about this year’s panel of judges, I think the show has been phenomenal. If you liked J. Lo and Steven Tyler more than Nicki and Mariah, let me just call you milquetoast right now and get it over with. The show needed some fire, some spark— and some judges that do more than sit, nod and talk about, “goosies.”

Which brings me to today’s music review. Phillip Phillips. Oh, yes… from the moment I laid eyes and ears on this audition from last season, I knew we had our winner:

So I gave his album a listen… and I smiled. Don’t get me wrong: a lot of the music sounds similar. But if you’re in the mood to lift your spirit a bit, give it a whirl. Sure, he’s your typical White Guy With Guitar. But that doesn’t mean he can’t sing.


Home is the one you’ve heard. Believe me, you have. Probably again and again and again. Commercials, television shows, movies. It’s been there. And it still sounds good— each and every time.

Gone, Gone, Gone is great. People like to make comparisons to Mumford and Sons. I can see why here. But picture this: ever been to a Billy Joel concert? Remember when he performs Piano Man? Every damn person in the area is singing along and it is a moment of pure magic. I can see that happening with this song at a Phillips concert.

Where We Came From kinda took me back to the years just after high school. Reminded me of this band called Stroke 9 for some reason. Their big hit was Little Black Backpack. Of course, this song is less angst than most of their music… but the sound and the voice took me back.

Can’t Go Wrong showcases the voice that accompanies the guitar. And if you want a feel-good sing-a-long tune, this is it.


If you’re stuck in the anti-Idol mindset, go pick this up. It might change your mind.


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