Movie Review: Life of Pi isn’t a Piece of Cake.

Have you ever wanted to enjoy something so badly that you willed yourself to like it? That’s how I’m feeling about Life of Pi.



I never read the book… but the reviews looked so spectacularly amazing that I had to see the movie— and I wanted to enjoy it. Frankly, I thought there was no way that I wouldn’t like it. A kid stuck on a boat with a tiger? Glowing whales that jump? Storms? Waves? Shipwrecks? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Well, try as I did, I was unimpressed. There are spoilers now. Watch out.

The story just… barely… moved… along. And I thought there was going to be so much action! I mean, they showed shadows of sharks under the water, but you mean to tell me that a shark didn’t make one attempt– just one– to get the kid or the tiger?!!? Jaws wasn’t available for the part, apparently?

But more than any of this, I can’t stand movies that shove religion down my throat. Before anybody goes cray-cray, I go to church. And I’m an ordained minister. But sometimes, you just need a break from it— a movie can sometimes just be a movie, without some big arching “Come-to-Jesus” theme!

And this leads me to what bothered me the most: the kid talks about God through the whole movie and then starts lying to the men investigating the shipwreck. Isn’t lying a primary offense in The Bible? And then he hints that he may have been telling the truth to the investigators but is actually lying about the story that we just spent two hours watching!

I tried. I really, really tried. Even after the movie was finished, I thought, “oh, he made up this fantastical story just to cover up the true nature of mankind.” And then I realized that I couldn’t lie to myself anymore. The movie was a waste of my time.

I cannot recommend Life of Pi.


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One comment on “Movie Review: Life of Pi isn’t a Piece of Cake.

  1. Agreed. This film is so over-rated and I think people must be forcing themselves to like it. I honestly can’t think of any other explaination for its success.

    The religious aspect bothered me quite a lot, because it was so wishy washy and vapid. There was no meat on the bones.

    The script was medicore. None of the jokes hit the target, and no-one in the cinema laughed. I left there feeling completely underwhelmed, despite going in with every intention of loving it.

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