Thoughts on the Golden Globes…

Just some thoughts on the first big awards show of the season…

  • Julianne Moore lost a lot of my respect last night. I guess it should have been expected that when winning for a film about politics that a winner would bring politics into their speech… but thanking Tina Fey? Tina Fey was damn funny as Sarah Palin on SNL. But it helped cast Sarah Palin as this cartoon character that many people still see her as today. Whether you love her or hate her, Sarah Palin was answering a call by a nominee for President when she ran for Vice President in 2008— and she is a daughter and a mother. There is an unspeakable vitriol for the woman that I still don’t understand. And Julianne Moore should have thanked Ms. Palin herself, for giving her such a rich character to portray.
  • Gotta love Bill Clinton. A standing O was expected in a Tinseltown crowd… but I think the response would have been similar in many ballrooms across the country.
  • As for the pre-show: NBC is going to great lengths to shove Savannah Guthrie down our collective throat. While I don’t hate the woman, she has a tough road ahead. While Savannah didn’t orchestrate the ousting of Ann Curry, she did replace her. So there is already an ingrained hurdle for her to jump. And Matt Lauer? Ugh. In fact, I’m watching Today’s morning-after special right now and he just seems so unhappy— not like the Matt of the Katie Couric years.
  • Jodie Foster is a lesbian? Who didn’t know?
  • I’m really happy that Ben Affleck and Argo walked away big winners. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I intend to see it very soon. I just love to see an underdog win— and since Ben wasn’t even nominated at the Oscars, I think he deserved this bit of revenge.
  • Adele is just stunningly gorgeous in her real-woman body.
  • Bradley Cooper is dreamy.
  • That was really Denzel Washington’s daughter? She looked like his wife.
  • Speaking of celebrity “dates”… I love watching the celeb spouses on the red carpet. Dustin Hoffman and his wife were just too cute.
  • Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were hilarious and safe. Isn’t that what everyone wanted?
  • Tommy Lee Jones looked very, very grumpy.

And that’s about it. More later today… including a review of The Impossible.


***Oh, oh, oh! I had to add this— why was Catherine Zeta-Jones so unbearably annoying while introducing Les Miserables?


5 comments on “Thoughts on the Golden Globes…

  1. I like it when I’m pleasantly surprised at some of the winners, and that was definitely the case with Argo, Christoph Waltz and a few others. It was a fun night of TV watching! By the way, just visited your blog and now I’m hungry for sushi… thanks!

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