Bucket List 2013: Give, Just Because

I want to feel like Oprah!

In all seriousness, this year I want to give as much as possible.

Sure, we’ve been giving through Pete the Popcorn for the past year with our free school visits, organizing a summer book swap for kids and donating free books to school libraries… but I want to branch out. I want to make a positive impact in as many lives as possible.

How will I accomplish this?


-Buy a coffee for a stranger?

-Take donuts to work?

-Give a present to someone I don’t know?

-Write a note to an old teacher?

-Donate clothes to Salvation Army?

-Take a friend on a trip?


What ideas do you have for me? I want to help someone… I want to encourage a stranger… I want to be a part of my community. Call it random acts of kindness, whatever you want… but I want to do this as many times as possible this year.

I’ll report back here whenever it happens… and hopefully inspire you to do something, too. You might say that I’ve been inspired by Ann Curry’s 26 Acts movement. But I can’t put a number on this, because I don’t know what my year is shaping up to look like as far as employment and time go.

Sure, I know this might sound sappy. But if I’m motivating myself to accomplish my dreams through a Bucket List, I can find the time to encourage someone else through a simple, random act of kindness.

Have a Happy New Year, everybody. And keep checking in to see my progress. If you’re doing a Bucket List, leave me the link to your blog below so that I can follow you!





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