Thinking About Hillary…

As my opinions over the years regarding certain issues have evolved, I don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye with Hillary Clinton very often.

However, when she served in the United States Senate from 2001-2009, she did a remarkable job in being a work-horse, instead of a show-horse. What do I mean? Most of the folks in the prestigious club of the Senate thought she would come in like the celebrity she is and just run her jaws– wasting time on cable news programs and introducing vanity legislation for the sake of making her name shine even brighter.

She did none of this. Instead, she put her nose to the ground and worked for her constituents in the state of New York, who re-elected her handily in 2006. At the same time, she made solid relationships with other Senators, including and especially those that were sitting across the aisle. She even held a press conference with Newt Gingrich in 2005 to promote, of all things, health care legislation!

Today, I’m thinking about Hillary Clinton. Sure, there are some on the extreme right that are claiming her health issues are all a cover-up so that she won’t have to testify on Benghazi. Well, as much as I think something about 9/11/12 in Libya stinks, I’ve never known Hillary Clinton to back down from a fight. When she is well, I know that the Secretary of State will be on Capitol Hill to defend and/or explain actions of herself and those under her leadership.

Whatever the extreme right wing is peddling, I can’t help but worry that Hillary’s health scare could be quite serious. She hasn’t been seen in public for three weeks– and blood clots can be tricky, especially those near the brain. We don’t yet know if this clot is near the brain, or if it may be in her legs because of ordered rest following the concussion. At any rate, I’m worried. No matter which side of the political aisle you fall on, if Hillary Clinton were to be sidelined, this country would be missing a very important voice in our national discussion.

Here is a photo of Hillary and I from 2008:


There are many that are yearning for a Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign for President. If she were to run, health scares notwithstanding, she would be a virtual lock on winning the Democratic nomination… and would be a highly formidable contestant in a general election. In fact, I can’t think of one Republican that has the experience, name recognition or stature to pose a serious threat. I will say this: that person would need to be young and fresh… and make the argument that we’ve already seen The Clinton Show.

All of this discussion and dreaming would be for naught, if Hillary were to be sidelined from this health crisis. For the rest of our lives, we’d be asking ourselves, “what would have happened?” and “what might have been?”

Again, regardless of your political persuasions, Hillary Clinton is the nearest thing this country has to political royalty. The woman has been #1 on Most Admired Women in the World lists for an astonishing 17 times, beating out current and past first ladies, the Queen and Oprah! Hillary Clinton’s face, name and general brand are so well-recognized that she was able to run for President in 2008 with this logo:


That’s right— just Hillary.

Anyway, I had to write this out of respect for a true American legend. First Lady, Senator, history-breaking Presidential Candidate and record-setting Secretary of State. There aren’t many resumes like that floating around Washington, DC.

Would I support Hillary Clinton in 2016? That would remain to be seen. If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I’ve voted for 2 Democrats for President and 2 Republican for President in my life… so 2016 will be the tie-breaker, either way. Four years from now, I will again be focusing on the issues and what affects this country as a whole, not me as an individual.

But for today, as we reflect on a year that has passed and celebrate the beginning of one that is new and fresh, I’ll be thinking about Hillary. And saying a prayer that her health improves with the coming of 2013.




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