Bucket List 2013: Kayak Down a River

Doesn’t this look so nice?


I miss kayaking so much! When I lived in Hawaii a few years back, I had a kayak and used it as much as possible. Floating out in the ocean, sea turtles popping up around me, whales jumping in the distance… ahhhh… that’s really one of the few things I truly miss about living there. (People always ask if I’m crazy— why would you leave HAWAII?!?! Well, truthfully, island fever is a real thing. You can only drive so far… you can only sit at the beach so many times… the heat makes you crazy in the brain… living there full-time isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Let’s just say that the resorts aren’t real life.)

In 2013, I want to get back to kayaking. Granted, living here on the Ohio/Michigan border doesn’t really provide too many months out of the year for kayaking… but I’ve always looked at our countless lakes and rivers and thought about how much fun it would be to set a kayak in and just go.

I know one person that will be responding to this and tell me to come along with her… and I will definitely take her up on the offer!

The Bucket List 2013 is coming together… one more post tomorrow, January 1st!




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