Bucket List 2013: Increase Heart Rate. Jump Out of Plane?

I’ve wanted to skydive since… well, forever.

But I just never have had the opportunity to do it. Then again, I’ve never really gone looking for the opportunity to do it, either.

I love thrill rides of all sorts. When I was a kid, we had season passes to Cedar Point each and every summer. CP is the best amusement park in the world… and I’ll bet it has shown up on some other people’s Bucket Lists… but I had the opportunity to make it my home away from home for many a summer day.

And, of course, I love to fly. Hell, I’ve worked as a flight attendant for nearly 9 years! Every time I have the chance to just sit and watch the clouds, I think about free-falling towards the ground with a parachute to stop me.

This year, I want to get it done! I want to jump out of a damn plane!


I can only imagine the pure rush that jumping out of a plane must produce. There has to be a feeling of such sheer panic and enjoyment, most likely an indescribable feeling, really.

Anybody want to go with me? Anyone at all?

I’ll keep you posted… but I will say this: this will probably be the most far-fetched thing included in this year’s Bucket List. This is the one that I really may not be able to accomplish, because of finances or time. But, I’d hate to not complete a Bucket List…. so I will be trying very, very hard to get this in.




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