Bucket List 2013: Daily Photo Challenge!

I certainly hope that everyone had a wonderful day filled with family, friends and food yesterday. Now that Christmas is over and the New Year’s festivities loom, it’s time to focus on my 2013 Bucket List. Over the next week, I’ll be sharing these items with you, one each day.

I’ve had a love affair with photography for the past several years… but I’ve lost that… loving feeling…

Honestly, I just haven’t had time to take photos— I’ve been way too wrapped up in these writing projects. So I’m making it an official Bucket List item to get back to taking some photos for pure pleasure. How do I hold myself to this?

Daily Photo Challenge!!!!

If you’ve never heard of a Daily Photo Challenge, they’re really interesting and sound like a lot of fun, if a tad bit tedious. Here’s how it works: you compile a list of words or phrases, one for each day of the month. You then use these words (in order or at random) as inspiration for a photo. Here is a sample list of words, taken from one of the myriad websites and blogs that focus only on Daily Photo Challenges:

January 2013

Here are a few of my favorite photos that I’ve snapped over the years:

207947_10150148178966917_3828276_n 225568_10150176532471917_3518780_n 391995_10150404199496917_1507606097_n 382707_10150404201686917_651360388_n 373902_10150404274181917_546974015_n 381292_10150426341691917_1292578305_n

There will be some ground rules… I may schedule photo posts during the year, because I do tend to take some vacations where internet is not accessible. But I will really try to keep you aware when that happens.

Also, I’m not going to promise that I’ll dig out the professional equipment each day… these might be iPhone photos from time-to-time.

I hope you’ll join me on January 1st as I embark on this grueling bucket list item for 2013!

Until tomorrow,


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6 comments on “Bucket List 2013: Daily Photo Challenge!

    • Thank you so much!

      And by the way, your meatloaf recipe looks delicious! I love recipes that just “come together.”

      In fact, I’ve got a pork loin in the crock pot at the moment… and it was a combination of about 3 online recipes. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

      Again, thanks for the compliment. Happy New Year!

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