Visiting a School, Hitting Home

Yesterday was our first school visit for Pete the Popcorn since Friday’s events in Newtown, Connecticut.

We’ve read to thousands and thousands of kids over the past several months at nearly 100 schools across this country. When entering an elementary school, you never think of bloodshed or violence. No– you think of a warm, nurturing and welcoming place to learn.

As I walked into Patterson Elementary in Tecumseh, Michigan yesterday, it was all I could do to hold back the tears. Now, I’m not one for crying… so I was able to temper my feelings on the outside. But my stomach sank as I watched the little kids wander the hallways, the girl so excited to be reading the announcements, the secretary handing late slips to some children and the teachers checking their mailboxes before the start of the day.

It was all so very normal and routine– a direct contrast of what those poor people at Sandy Hook had to witness.

After setting up for our presentation, the kids filed through the library doors, excited as can be… just a few days before Christmas break and they get a special out-of-class experience– what could be better? Seeing their faces, watching them whisper to each other, hearing their laughter… it was all quite comforting. These kids weren’t scared. They weren’t worried. They were still kids. And that’s how it should be. We need to ensure that children keep their innocence for as long as possible, through all of the crazy in this world.

Here is a short video from our school visits yesterday.

Join us next time as we talk peanut butter. Yes, peanut butter. If you haven’t followed the blog, now would be a great time. I think you’ll enjoy the great peanut butter debate.



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