Cringeworthy. Westboro Baptist Heading for Connecticut?

This flipped my stomach:

If you didn’t click the link, those insane Westboro Baptist Church people are planning on protesting outside of Sandy Hook Elementary this week. They haven’t made clear whether or not they’ll be trotting out their hateful shenanigans at the funerals of these innocent children… but if they do, they’ve reached a new low.

I’m sure you’re familiar with sick images like this:

Thank God

What are they going to do– change their signage to “Thank God for Dead Babies”? These folks are mentally ill… their God isn’t the same God that I pray to, that’s for sure.

The Supreme Court upheld this “church” and their right to free speech in a 2011 ruling. But this also gives peaceful counter-protestors the right to do things like this:

168543_1752835549686_1502823449_1804050_6586686_n 0114-westboro-baptist-church-tucson_full_600

I hope the Angels and the Vets come out in droves and circle the entire community of Newtown. These people have been through enough— and hate speech coming from a “church” is the last thing they need to see right now.

Here is the link to Contact Us on Westboro’s site: Go tell them about the God that you pray to… the one that has compassion for families in times of grief.




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