Having a go at Flash Fiction…

Whenever I’m bored, I turn to the App Store.

I like to look at the new apps, see what people are up to, find out what is hot, etc. This keeps me motivated and gets my creativity rolling.

Then I came across some “writing prompt” apps. These are designed to give writers ideas if they’re stuck or just want a new subject to ponder. Some gave you words, others gave you subjects. One gives you three items to build a story: a character, the setting and the plot.

Upon further exploration, I learned about Flash Fiction. Flash Fiction is a form of writing that is supposed to be brief, completed quickly and spontaneously. Of course, both the writer and the reader are supposed to have a good time with it.

Here is my story… see if you can determine which items were given to me by the Flash Fiction app.

The smell of raw meat was thick in the cool air of the shop. On a television behind the cash register, CNN blared stories about the breaking news affecting financial markets around the globe. Overnight, the Nikkei market in Japan crashed, falling from above 9,000 to 2,548 by the time the European markets opened. The chain reaction had begun and the world was being plunged into an economic disaster.

In the store, a man walked in front of the butcher’s case. Wearing an Under Armour shirt that displayed his upper body that was clearly three times the size of an average person, this guy looked like he belonged in the beef case, not looking at it. His eyes flashed to the television screen as Anderson Cooper reported live from London. “As you can see behind me, looting of grocery stores has begun here in the suburbs of London. The global financial meltdown has driven fear that we’ve just entered a depression like history has never seen,” the reporter said. 

The camera slowly panned away from Cooper to the scene at the grocery store. People were pouring in and out of the giant openings which had been windows only hours before. Their hands and arms held mounds of canned and packaged goods. Elderly people were being trampled by the masses as police officers could only stare. 

“Think it’s going to happen here?” asked the butcher, snapping the stare of the bodybuilder before him. 

The muscular man looked up, his green eyes meeting the gaze of the meat seller. “I’ll take it all if you can help me get it home,” said the gym rat.


All the weightlifter could think about was the video streaming on the television… and the lack of nutrition he would have if that scene were repeated in the United States. He couldn’t fathom not having real animal protein to help his muscles grow. His head ached just thinking about it. Rubbing his giant forearm, the beastly looking man repeated, “I’ll take it all. I’m stocking the freezer now. Help me load it into your van and I will buy everything in the case.”

The butcher looked stunned as he yelled towards the back room, “Kyle, pull up the van and help me start wrapping stuff.” With that, the meat processor, wearing his bloodied apron, approached the front door. As he turned the lock and flipped his sign to read “closed,” the first brick flew through his window. 

So there you have it— my first attempt at writing Flash Fiction. Maybe you can see why I enjoy writing about politics and travel… fiction doesn’t come very naturally to me.

What did you think? Also, could you tell what the three items given to me were? Here are the randomly-generated items that the Flash Fiction app gave to me:

Flash Fiction

Maybe I’ll do this again, sometime. Maybe I won’t

Take care,


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