Fayetteville, North Carolina is just plain awesome.

I’ve got to thank all of the teachers, parents and students of Warrenwood Elementary School in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

They welcomed us with huge open arms last Friday for a reading of Pete the Popcorn. Not only were they popping fresh corn for the kiddos, they also invited parents to be a part of the assembly. And I always smile from ear-to-ear when I see parents involved in their child’s education.

I’ve said it before: I had an old dad. And while he is no longer with me today, I benefited more than I can imagine from his age and experience while I was growing up. Even better, he retired from his job when I was in third grade… so he was able to be around for school activities, after school homework sessions and much more. And my mother was involved, as well… even though she was working through most of my elementary years. I distinctly remember her taking time off work on so many occasions to accompany my class on field trips here and there.

So when I saw parents sitting at the back of the assembly at Warrenwood, it was a great feeling.

Last school year, when Pete the Popcorn was just starting out and we were getting our footing, a teacher named Jennifer Archer came to an event held at a public library. She enjoyed our presentation and our message so much that she convinced the Principal at her elementary school to have us come in. Never before did we feel so welcome at a school… and when the students were a bit restless and talkative (it was at the very end of the school day on a Friday), Jennifer personally apologized— even when she didn’t have to.

We told her to keep in touch— and she did. Over the summer, she had moved to a new job and a new city: Fayetteville. It was a long shot– would two Michigan-based authors come down to North Carolina? Luckily, we were on our National Tour… and Fayetteville got dropped on the calendar.

This is a good lesson in all that you do: keep in touch with everyone. Jennifer did so… and her school benefited. We’ll keep in touch, too… and probably be back to Fayetteville in the coming years.

We also visited Lillian Black Elementary in Spring Lake, North Carolina. While the school was small— we met some very nice teachers that obviously love what they do. Have you ever seen someone that obviously loves what they do? It’s apparent in their smile, demeanor… and how much they care about the results of the job that they are doing. I really started thinking about this on Friday while compiling the video below. In it, you’ll see several educators that love what they do.

On a lighter note, I continued thinking about this on Saturday evening, while watching Saturday Night Live. Bruno Mars was host and musical guest… and watching him perform made me so very happy– because he loves what he does.

I love going out and reading to kids… it’s been a large part of promoting our books, a part that I didn’t even really think about when starting to embark on the whole Pete project. But it’s been my favorite thing ever, even though there’s not much money in it. Speaking of that part— I’m preparing a little rant for later in the week. My apologies now.

Here is our video from Fayetteville, North Carolina:



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