Old Faithful and SNOW! Yellowstone National Park on Day 7 of Tour

I never thought I’d see snow in September. But before we get to that… I went to bed on Saturday night with rain sprinkling down on the tent in Madison Campground in Yellowstone National Park.

The rain was a blessing. It helped me sleep fast– before the temperatures dropped into the low 30’s overnight. At about 2:30, it was time for a bathroom break. And let me tell ya’: the stars were stunning.

Just after I had settled my four-layered body back into my sleeping bag, I heard what could only be described as a mad growl. A bear. Thankfully, that was the closest we got to one… close enough to hear. But that’s all.

At 5:45, my alarm went off. We were convinced we had to get to Old Faithful early– had to beat the crowds and get a good video for all of you watching at home. Well, get there early, we did. When Old Faithful stayed true to its name and spurted only 5 minutes after our arrival, there were only about 10 people there– including us.

I’m what might be described as a “spoiled” traveler: I like enjoying things without a hoard of others around. I suppose most people are that way, really. But I’m willing to work for it— as evidenced by getting up at 5:45 to see a geyser.

And we got some good shots to show for it:

Here I am at Old Faithful… with the geyser doing its thing… can you tell it’s early and freezing?

Joe at Old Faithful… somehow he always makes an astonished face.

I love rapids in rivers. I could have literally sat at this spot for the entire day.

Gotta get up early to get a bright orange sunrise shot…

Now, here is the video from today’s journey… including running into a snowstorm on the trip from Yellowstone to Billings!

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3 comments on “Old Faithful and SNOW! Yellowstone National Park on Day 7 of Tour

  1. HoleeSMOKES. I was a tiny, unappreciative tot when i was last in Yellowstone. I better start planning a spring trip. Some may call it the “middle of nowhere,” but the middle of nowhere is breath-taking.

  2. Yeah, Megan— Joe needs to learn how to position that camera. LOL. I was just so amazed by Yellowstone. I thought it was going to be boring, honestly. But we’re already planning to go back for at least a week next summer.

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