Surfing Couches and Making Friends — Day THREE of our Cross-Country Trip!

When we began planning this trip, we had counted on staying in hotels the entire way.

Upon further examination, we realized that this just wouldn’t be much fun.

Have you ever heard of Couchsurfing? No… not riding the waves on the back of a sofa. Couchsurfing is a global network of like-minded individuals that would be happy to host perfect strangers in their home for a night or two. Likewise, those involved in Couchsurfing should feel comfortable and socialized enough to stay a night with strangers, if they would like to.

Some people think it’s just plain nuts. Like my Mom. Immediately, folks think of safety concerns. But we’ve had nothing but amazing times and learning experiences from Couchsurfing. While living in Maui, we hosted nearly 100 people! Europeans, Americans, people moving to the island.

The weird part? We’ve never used Couchsurfing to stay with anyone. Until now.

This week, we spent two nights in Des Moines with Nicki, her man Jacob, her rambunctious doggie Sheiva and her cat Sushi.

Here she is:

Anyway, the first night was very relaxing after our all-night drive. But the second night was filled with a tour of Des Moines and a whole bunch of laughing hysterically.

I loved Des Moines… here are some shots from the downtown sculpture park:

I’d like to direct you to find out more about Couchsurfing and the whole experience– the more people that learn about this community, the better it will become for all.

Head on over to

Now— onto our video update for DAY THREE: Mason City, Iowa.

I hope you’re all enjoying this tour as much as we are. Please consider going to to sponsor a child on our tour. With your help, they get a free book.


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