Encouragement Across America Tour

Why didn’t I put this one on my bucket list? Well, at least it will be done.

As we’ve been visiting classrooms here in the Great Lakes area, I’ve had this aching desire to hit the road and see how things are in other parts of the country. How are the schools? Are the kids different? Will they embrace Pete the Popcorn like folks around here have?

I’m finally going to have the opportunity to answer these questions. From September 4th through November 7th, we will be criss-crossing the country, visiting schools, churches, parent/teacher organizations and other civic groups. Joe and I will be reading our bestselling Children’s Book, Pete the Popcorn. Furthermore, we will be starting a conversation about encouragement— and how children need to encourage each other, to eliminate bullying in our schools.

Later this week, I’ll tell you a bit more of what I personally hope to accomplish with this project. I’m very excited for all the possibilities. But for now, here are the tour dates for our Encouragement Across America Tour:

Tuesday, 9/4 – Grand Rapids, Michigan
Wednesday, 9/5 – Chicago, Illinois
Thursday, 9/6 – Chicago, Illinois
Friday, 9/7 – Green Bay, Wisconsin
Monday, 9/10 – Madison, Wisconsin
Tuesday, 9/11 – Rochester, Minnesota
Wednesday, 9/12 – Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
Thursday, 9/13 – Fargo, North Dakota
Friday, 9/14 – Bismarck, North Dakota
Monday, 9/17 – Spokane, Washington
Tuesday, 9/18 – Seattle, Washington
Wednesday, 9/19 – Portland, Oregon
Thursday, 9/20 – Eugene, Oregon
Friday, 9/21 – Medford, Oregon
Monday, 9/24 – San Francisco, California
Tuesday, 9/25 – Los Angeles, California
Wednesday, 9/26 – Los Angeles, California
Thursday, 9/27 – Los Angeles, California
Friday, 9/28 – Las Vegas, Nevada
Monday, 10/1 – Denver, Colorado
Tuesday, 10/2 – Denver, Colorado
Wednesday, 10/3 – Traveling
Thursday, 10/4 – Omaha, Nebraska
Friday, 10/5 – Des Moines, Iowa
Monday, 10/8 – Detroit, Michigan
Tuesday, 10/9 – Toledo, Ohio
Wednesday, 10/10 – Cleveland, Ohio
Thursday, 10/11 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Friday, 10/12 – Washington, D.C.
Monday, 10/15 – Richmond, Virginia
Tuesday, 10/16 – Norfolk, Virginia
Wednesday, 10/17 – Traveling
Thursday, 10/18 – Raleigh, North Carolina
Friday, 10/19 – Greensboro, North Carolina
Monday, 10/22 – Charleston, South Carolina
Tuesday, 10/23 – Savannah, Georgia
Wednesday, 10/24 – Jacksonville, Florida
Thursday, 10/25 – Orlando, Florida
Friday, 10/26 – Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, Florida
Monday, 10/29 – Naples/Bonita Springs, Florida
Tuesday, 10/30 – Tampa, Florida
Wednesday, 10/31 – Traveling
Thursday, 11/1 – Panama City, Florida
Friday, 11/2 – Mobile, Alabama
Monday, 11/5 – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Tuesday, 11/6 – New Orleans, Louisiana
Wednesday, 11/7 – New Orleans, Louisiana

Now, here is where I need your help. We have contacts in all of these cities that are helping us book schools and other groups to read to. But if you are located in any of these cities (or within a reasonable driving distance), we would love the opportunity to visit your school or group. Our presentation is free. And it’s guaranteed to be fun and educational.

Please spread the word if you have friends or family in any destination listed above. Together, through our complimentary grass-roots effort, we will eliminate bullying in our schools— through the simple tool of encouragement.

Take care,



Thanks for visiting this blog! As you see, it is not supported by advertising. If you would like to personally support this blog and its authors, please visit Amazon to purchase our Children’s Book, Pete the Popcorn! If you don’t have a child in your life, donate a copy to your local school or library! Also, we LOVE it when people LIKE us on Facebook. To learn more about our books, please visit www.PeteThePopcorn.com 


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