Pete the Popcorn on the High Seas

Sorry for the delay in posting… but your authors have been… away.

We’ve just returned from a 15 day cruise from Barcelona, Spain to Dubai. It was a vacation… sort of. No vacation is a real vacation when it comes to us. You see, we spent lots of time working on a book for adults regarding encouragement. And then of course we were taking notes and photos to share with you here on the blog. Finally, we were busy reading our book Pete the Popcorn!

Yep– Royal Caribbean International heard about Pete the Popcorn and took advantage of our talents. They hooked us up with a lounge, a screen, a projector and a microphone. As dangerous as that sounds, we had an excellent turnout. Both children and adults enjoyed hearing the story and speaking to us about our pro-encouragement, anti-bullying efforts.

We were shocked how much effort RCL put into promoting the event. We were featured in the Cruise Compass, on the morning television show, on the activities station on the ship– and they even made an overhead announcement for the entire ship to hear!

Here it is– the ad for our very first cruise ship reading!!

We’re getting ready for the reading!

The Kids Club on this cruise was sparse. Quite an older crowd. But the kids that did attend were AWESOME!

Nick holds the mic like a pro.

And Joe tells the crowd about why we embarked on Pete the Popcorn.

Nick became fast friends with Nancy and Joanne. They hung out every night at the Schooner Bar… where the piano player sung us a song, because he was the piano player.

So now we are busy putting together a creative writing and publishing seminar for cruise ships. If we can do this once a month, hook us up.

It was fun getting Pete the Popcorn out to a diverse group of people from all across the world. If some new readings come from this, it would be great.

Folks, don’t forget that our new book comes out on June 14th! We are having a very special release party on that date and you’re invited! You can find out all about it here!

We will talk to you tomorrow with some cool stories about our cruise!



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