Tiger Cubs!

Pete wanted to go to the zoo yesterday. I tried to explain to him that it snowed in the morning and it was chilly out. He would have none of it. So, off to The Toledo Zoo we went.

Toledo has one of the finest Zoos in the country. In the past year, Toledoans have had the pleasure of seeing a baby elephant, a newborn giraffe… and now two tiger cubs, which were by far the highlight of today’s visit.

Pete with the seal. The zoo was completely empty and the animals were really wound up!

Joe, co-author of Pete the Popcorn, with Pete and the polar bears. The sheer size of these guys is amazing.

Pete loves to learn…especially about traveling. He wants to visit all of these places… hope he likes airplanes!

I don’t know who they were calling, but Joe and Pete paid a quick visit to a phone booth!

The giraffes were inside on this chilly day, so it was difficult to get a photo. But the baby was very cute.

Everyone’s favorite photo growing up is sitting with the sculptures placed throughout the Zoo. Pete is no exception.

When we first visited the tiger cubs, they were napping with Mom. Talk about adorable!

I really still don’t know why Joe was laughing so hard when he took this photo. I don’t get it!

Pete lined up to March with the Penguins. And then he realized they were just cardboard! How silly!

The snow leopards are right in the middle of their mating season from January through March. And they were running all over their habitat!

When we traveled back towards the tiger cubs– they were awake from their nap!

When they were playing, of course they kept pulling each others tails! That’s what they’re for!

These cubs were so rambunctious after their nap. Mom just sat and watched for a while and then went back to sleep.

I really loved watching them fight over this stick. Eventually, the one gave up and got it’s own stick.

After getting bored with the stick, they decided to practice their menacing face.

My favorite was watching them try to sneak up on each other!

The stick kept falling into the watering hole.

They look so grown up… even though they’re still cubs.

Resting his chin after getting bored with playing.

It’s beyond difficult to focus a camera at the zoo– especially at the exhibits with fences and not glass. The top picture is focused on the cub, who is focusing on that blur in the lower right. The bottom picture is focused on the bird… dinner?

One last shot of both cubs before we had to pull ourselves away from watching.

Always love taking pictures with these cartoon staff members. And Pete was no exception.

Pete was way too small for the wagon.

And a final, funny photo.

We are officially ONE WEEK AWAY from the release of Pete the Popcorn, the brand new Children’s Book that will help parents teach younger kids about encouraging others— not bullying!

Please come back and see the blog tomorrow– Nick has been working on a very important essay that dissects the need for our book… and what our mission is with Pete the Popcorn now and moving forward.

In the meantime, tell all of your friends to visit us on Facebook. And mark your calendars for one week from today— LEAP DAY!

Nick, Joe and Pete



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