A Visit to Illinois.

Pete has been very busy touring the country, as we all know.

Today, we’re going to share a bit about his visit to Carol Stream, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

We will actually be in Chicago in late March… at an invitation-only signing at Popcorn Palace for local school children.

So here are the pictures of Pete’s visit with the Moreland family in Carol Stream!

Carey Moreland is with her daughter Emma, her son Nicholas— and Pete the Popcorn, of course!


Pete had an adventurous time with the family. Here he is with Nicholas at the Village of Carol Stream sign!


Pete loves to visit Popcorn Shops! Here he is at The Little Popcorn Shop in Wheaton. Maybe the authors will make it there some day for a signing?


Pete loves his newspapers! Here he is with a Chicago Sun Times vending box.


Pete went for lunch at the Egg Harbor Cafe in Wheaton.


Emma and Pete really hit it off!


As you can see, the kiddos love Pete the Popcorn! And they’ll love him even more when they get the book!

Please don’t forget to mark your calendars for LEAP DAY— that’s when we’re asking everyone to purchase their copy of Pete at Amazon.com

And it’s not too late to JOIN TEAM PETE. TEAM PETE is our roster of folks committed to helping spread the word on LEAP DAY, so that we can sell as many copies as possible.

Thanks everyone. And have a great Sunday!





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