An Artist at Work…

I’ve said it time and again.

The illustrator of Pete the Popcorn, Kathleen Smith Waters, is amazing. She scored a slam-dunk with every page in Pete, which you’ll see when you buy it on on LEAP DAY.

Plus, she does everything we ask of her… including acting silly on camera:

The official date for our visit to Campbell’s Sweets in Cleveland has been announced. We will be there, with Kathleen, on March 17th– starting at 9 AM. Get there early!

Also, we have events scheduled in the hometown of both authors— March 11th at the Westland Library in Westland, Michigan will cover Joe’s hometown. And March 18th at Westfield Franklin Park in Toledo, Ohio will cover me.

It’s great that we have three people involved in this project– and a signing event in each of our hometowns. For the full list of author appearances, which is updated regularly, visit our OFFICIAL APPEARANCES page above.

One of my most cherished possessions is this photo:

This was the very first image we got from Kathleen when we said, “draw us a popcorn kernel!”

And we fell in love with Pete pronto. How Kathleen made a popcorn kernel with such humor, character and heart blows my mind.

It still amazes me how artists do what they do. I know people always tell me that they love reading things I write– from blog posts to letters in the paper. But it’s not difficult for me– it just comes out. And I imagine that the same thing is true for most artists.

No matter how easy it may come to artists or writers or anybody else that creates, we all should still stand back in amazement at the work they do. And if you are an artist yourself— keep up the great work. You inspire countless people.



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