Pete Press Release

Hello Blogland!

Do you feel like helping me?? Good!

Below, you will find our official PRESS RELEASE for Pete the Popcorn!

Can you take a moment and find the MOST POPULAR morning television and radio show in your town and email them this information? I’ll get to them all eventually… but with your help, we can secure some interviews across the country before PETE DAY on LEAP DAY!

In your email, tell them that you follow the author’s blog and you can’t wait for the book release. And that you would really enjoy hearing an interview on your local station.

I know it’s a long shot asking people for this help… but I also strongly believe in this power of community on the internet. Let’s see what we can do. Remember, every little thing you do to help out my fledgling children’s book is helping me cross off another BUCKET LIST item by having a successful book bomb on February 29th, 2012!

Here is the PRESS RELEASE. And don’t forget to JOIN TEAM PETE!


Local Authors Set to Release Children’s Book on Leap Day, 2.29.12

 February 15, 2012

“Pete the Popcorn is a corny story about popping up,” says Nick Rokicki, of Toledo, Ohio, co-author of Pete the Popcorn. “Your children grow up—well popcorn kernels like Pete POP UP! And this book teaches kids that they can and will pop up to be anything they would like.”

The colorful book is appropriate for children ages 4-8, who will have a fun time reading this cute tale while parents marvel at their improved vocabulary skills, through the use of alliteration.

Co-author Joseph Kelley of Westland, Michigan, attributes his drive to write a children’s book to the recent outbreak of bullying in schools across the country. “Kids need to learn at a young age that we all grow up into different people— different personalities, shapes, sizes, colors—and there is no reason to single anybody out for bullying because they are different.”

Learn with Pete as he attends Popcorn Prep with his friend Patty. Laugh with Pete as he attempts to ace his first spelling test. And love Pete as he overcomes obstacles on his path to POPPING UP!

The book is colorfully illustrated by Lakewood, Ohio-based artist Kathleen Smith Waters. “The character of Pete really came to represent an optimistic view to present to kids so that they can begin to learn at a young age about our differences,” said Waters.

Popping with personality, Pete the Popcorn will be released worldwide via on February, 29th, 2012– Pete Day is Leap Day! Visit to view a video trailer and see multiple pages from the book. The authors specifically chose LEAP DAY for the book’s release because this country needs to take a huge leap forward with regards to bullying in schools.

The authors are available for interviews and book readings before and after Pete the Popcorn’s release date. To check availability, please contact Deb Harvest at

(248) 736-5955 or via email at

Events are already planned at Gourmet Popcorn Shops, Festivals and Elementary Schools across the area. Don’t miss out on an entertaining and informative interview about Pete the Popcorn, a new Children’s Book by local first-time authors.


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