Pete heads to Disney!

Of course Pete wants to be a star, like Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse!

But more importantly, he wants to spread the message in his book Pete the Popcorn.

That message? We all grow up (or pop up) to be exactly who we’re supposed to be.

It is unacceptable to single anybody out for bullying, mistreatment or insults because of who they are, what they look like, how they act or any other reason! We all grow up to be very different people, and it’s a lesson that kids can start to learn at a young age.

Children should be encouraged, nurtured and inspired— not divided.

So when you head to and purchase Pete the Popcorn on the big release date of February 29th, remember the message. PETE DAY is LEAP DAY!

As you might know, Pete has been traveling the country– visiting families in cities near and far. Today, we want to share some special photos that are encouraging to Pete. You see, he got to meet some of his idols!

Pete went to Disney with the Morrison Family! Here is the family (and Pete) with Donald Duck. What an awesome trip for young Bryce… he is just at the age where Disney is truly magical.

Oh, no! Donald Duck tried to eat Pete! Donald, he’s not even popped (yet?).

And here is Donald with Bryce. Donald still seems to think eating Pete might be a good idea.

Look at how excited Bryce is to be at Disney! Daisy Duck and Pete look like they’re really hitting it off, too.

And the big star of the show– Mickey Mouse himself! It’s hard to get a picture with Mickey at Disney– but Yvonne did it for  her boy Bryce… and Pete.

It looks like the family had an awesome time at Disney with Pete. Thanks so much for sharing.

It’s not too late to have Pete come visit you! Let me know your address and Pete will be headed your way!

Until tomorrow, PETE!


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