Reading is Fun ‘n Mental!

OK so I totally ripped that one off Cafe Press or Etsy or Somewhere.

But we’ve been having a blast at readings of Pete the Popcorn.

On Thursday night, Joe got a great lesson in how to be animated and fun while reading to youngsters. The teacher that read a book before him should have been on stage, really. She was that good. And then Joe had the butterflies to follow her.

We all know that kids can and will be the harshest of critics. Thankfully, we have not gotten booed or even one tomato thrown yet. Amazing. Here are some pics:

This is Joe reading to all of the kiddos, who come with their parents to this night-time reading club. It’s so awesome to us how the young kids react so positively to the character of Pete and the cute, funny story. And the older kids really learn and ask questions about the writing process at these events.

When we wrote Pete the Popcorn, neither one of us imagined that we’d have the opportunity to do stuff like this. And we are so very appreciative to all of the schools, clubs and libraries that have booked us.

And here are some of the kids at the reading, with the cardboard cut-out of Pete the Popcorn! It makes me smile when I see their eyes light up, falling in love with this little popcorn kernel character that came out of our brains.


Finally, here is Joe with Riley and Nick Porter.

Their parents, Lisa and Steve… are awesome. Several years ago, they were one of our very first photo shoots, for maternity portraits. And then we came to the hospital when little Ms. Riley was born, snapping photos of them coming home with their first little bundle of joy.

Just recently, when we saw the family for the first time in years, Lisa reminded us how we had to bring the birthing ball home for them in my little Chrysler Sebring Convertible, because their car was too full.

I was honored to be a part of that day. And now that we’ve reconnected after living so far apart for a few years, I hope to stay in touch with Lisa, Steve, Riley and Nick and see their family grow and these kids POP into great people, like their parents.

Thanks very much for having us, South Lyon, Michigan! And special thanks to Lisa and Steve Porter for getting the ball rolling (not the birthing ball) on this reading.

Send your child’s teacher to for more information about our very first Children’s Book, coming to on February 29th, 2012! We are available for COMPLIMENTARY readings in classrooms all over the country.

Nick and Joe


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