Today: USA Today, Today. Today.

Hey there,

We might have some new readers this morning. You see, if you Google (or search!) my name on ye ole internet, this blog appears. Now, I don’t know what bored individuals sit around Googling “Nick Rokicki,” but I certainly thank them for their time!

So, I’m sure you’re wondering why we may have some new readers today? Well, this happened —–> I got fired up and sent a Letter to the Editor at USA Today. If you don’t feel like clicking the link or running out to the nearest newsstand (or to the Hampton Inn on the corner— USA TODAY is FREE there! And you can help yourself to free breakfast, if you hurry!) here is the text of what was published in this national paper:

As an independent voter, I am quite shocked by the controversy over Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad featuring Clint Eastwood (“After the bowl, the buzz, and voting, live on,” Money, Tuesday).

When Eastwood asked, “How do we come from behind, how do we come together, and how do we win?” He was talking about us as American citizens – not political parties. In the upcoming election, the electorate wants to hear a positive message. We are tired of being divided into the 1% and 99%. We are all in this together. This feeling no longer exists in the USA, thanks to politicians willing to divide us to conquer their opponents.

The citizens of this country, whom politicians are supposed to be representing, have instead become the collateral damage in their endless pursuits of power. Karl Rove was offended by the ad? Well I’m offended at the behavior of politicos and pundits who would try to politicize this very American message: The game isn’t over. Americans don’t give up. And better days will lie ahead when the spirit that those from the Detroit area have shown spreads throughout this land.

No, I’m not running for anything. Yes, it does sound like a campaign commercial. But I truly believe that this country is, at it’s heart, full of relentless optimists. And the winning candidate in the fall will be the one that can capture and embody the spirit of that Chrysler ad.

As I said, if you’re new here because you Googled my name after reading it in the paper— welcome! I hope you follow the blog of this fledgling author— and comment and tell me I’m wrong, when I’m wrong. And let me know when I make you laugh or pee a little.

This blog has a little of everything— funny stories about trips I’ve been on, travel documentary stories where you might learn something, a wide-ranging tale of the love of my life (hint: Santorum would not approve; man-on-sloth), lots of tales of woe regarding my undying infatuation with Combos Pretzel Snacks (actually… let me write that down.. I haven’t talked about that yet!) and of course— a whole lot about my very first Children’s Book being published on February 29th, Pete the Popcorn!

Pete the Popcorn is a Corny Story About Popping Up! Perfect for children in grades K-4, this colorfully illustrated book will capture imaginations while stressing an important lesson: we all grow up to be exactly who we are supposed to be. So this little book might teach kids at a young age to respect others, don’t even think about being a bully — and to celebrate each individual person, because we’re all going to grow up to be very different than the next person reading this blog.

I hope you will pledge to purchase a copy on 2.29.12 at to help make it POP into the Amazon rankings.

So that’s it! You know a little bit more about me if you’re a new reader. If you’ve been here before, I hope I didn’t scare you off with a little dose of common-sense political theater. And thanks for indulging my excitement that I made it onto the editorial pages of a national newspaper!!!

This weekend, check back for more TRAVELING PETE and some stories from readings we’ve done recently… along with a touch of Las Vegas, which is coming your way next week.

Have an awesome weekend.



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